Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rude People

I hate rude people. I hate having to deal with them. I hate having to pretend to be nice, so I don't set them off even more.

We were supposed to get our new fridge delivered today. It's 28" wide. Our stairway clearance is 29.5"

This rude delivery man walks into my house (we had taken the front door off, but left the inside door on and closed) and tells me 'too narrow, you'll have to remove chair-rails'. I look at him and say, 'sorry?' He measures and says, 'maybe ok'

So, he comes upstairs, and says 'this too small' (meaning a post we have at the top of the stairs) I ask him 'are you sure? because I just sawed off an inch of it and there's 29" clearance now'
He says, 'too small' and stalks down the stairs. I called after him that I would saw another 1" off it, and that it would only take me 2 minutes. So, I'm doing that and he's bringing my fridge off the delivery truck across the street. By the time he gets to my door, I'm done. He comes up to the door and measures again, and tells me 'door frame too small'


So, at this time (4 minutes after they arrived) he's complaining to me that they are on a schedule and he can't wait around. I tell him 'I have an electic screwdriver, I only have to take 6 screws out of the door frame (it's a molding that was put in for wind protection), it'll take one minute and he starts cursing under his breath!

My husband walks around the corner at this point and starts being rude back to this guy.

Suffice it to say, he took my fridge back to the truck and drove off, mumbling that he's not supposed to wait around. (I agree, but it was his fault! There was clearance on the door, he wanted more!!! I was trying to do what he wanted me to do)

Anyway, I called the Brick and lodged a complaint against him.
Seriously, I could understand if the clearance was only 28" for a 28" fridge, but there is 29.5" clearance (1 1/2" more than the item) for him. There was no reason for his behaviour/attitude upon walking into my home.

Rant over.

They're sending someone different tomorrow to bring me my fridge.

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