Tuesday, September 23, 2008


When my company closed back in March, I had looked for a new job. Not hard, but I did look. Then once May came around, I decided to stop looking because I decided I wanted the summer off.

This past summer was absolutely fantastic! Relaxing at the pool with the kids. Took the kids to the Ex. Played at the park. Lazy days, and lazy nights! Ahhhh summer....

but alas, summer is over and school is in.

That means that I've been looking and interviewing (once again)for a job.

Well, last week I went on an interview for a very good company. It's a one year contract, as an Executive Assistant to 2 VPs. I was called into my 2nd interview yesterday and met with the VPs.

Today, the HR dept called me and asked if I was interested in the position. I told them I was, and they offered it to me! :) :) :)

So, I start on Monday. It's a good salary, with 3 weeks vacation, but NO benefits (which sucks).

OMG, I better get knitting, I have a project to finish!

Grapevine Cardigan....

Well, I've been sporadically working on my cardigan.

I've been getting bored with this.... so I thought, "what can I do to put some spice back into this project?"

And the answer was simple enough, start a different area of the project....
so I'm working on the sleeves now.... hehehe


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Internet access

I have a home network that has been up and running fine except that it is 'unsecured'.

I use a T42 laptop, my youngest daughter uses a T40 laptop, and my husband & son share the PC.

When I set up our home network, I did not make it 'secure' as I couldn't figure it out (it kept resetting the router, thus logging me out, and then I would be unable to access the internet unless I 'undid' the changes I had made.

Anyway, after seeing internet hijackers (my neighbours) sucking up my internet service, I decided to 'secure' my internet anyway I could.

It ended up that I had to enlist the help of Trendnet. They have a 24/7 tech support line. So, at 12:10 this afternoon, Juno helped me make my network secure. The laptop that I used (T42) is the only one that can access the internet though the wireless connection though!!!! The other two can only connect when wired to the router. Even though one has a wireless card and the other had a wireless USB thingy.

So, I've been trying to call back all afternoon. I've been on hold for up to 40 minutes, then got an incompetent support person, who ended up advising me that she'd have to call me back after she spoke with someone regarding how to help me with my issue after having me on hold for another 20 minutes.

Anyway, I told her it was ok, and that I'd just call back. So, I called back an hour later, and got HER again. lol.... Anyway, I told her that if she couldn't help me, that I'd just call back and hope someone else picked up.

So, anyways I'm now talking to some guy. I'm trying to explain what's going on.... hopefully he knows how to help me though cause I'm getting p*ssed off! Really all I care about is getting the other two computers up and running wirelessly!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


My fridge was finally delivered on Friday afternoon. The two guys who came were super nice, and even took my old fridge away for me (for $20).

So, about an hour after tehy leave, I plug in my new fridge, and it's making this weird clunking noise. After speaking to my husband about it, we think it might just be from being jossled (sp) and leave it hoping it'll get better.

After dinner, I notice it's getting worse, so I pull the fridge out and take the little plastic cover off the bottom at the back where the compresser and the fans systems are. Guess what? The 'nut' is missing on the fan blade and it's making this scraping/clunking noise.

So, I go searching for a 'nut' to screw onto the bolt where the fan is. Find a couple and come back and fixed my fridge myself! :)

Now I'm wondering.... how did the nut come off? Was it done purposely by the first guys who came to deliver on wednesday and who ended up leaving with my fridge, or was it just a fluke that the nut was missing from such an important piece of the fridge? Seriously, in testing, this would NEVER have been overlooked.

I guess I'll never know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rude People

I hate rude people. I hate having to deal with them. I hate having to pretend to be nice, so I don't set them off even more.

We were supposed to get our new fridge delivered today. It's 28" wide. Our stairway clearance is 29.5"

This rude delivery man walks into my house (we had taken the front door off, but left the inside door on and closed) and tells me 'too narrow, you'll have to remove chair-rails'. I look at him and say, 'sorry?' He measures and says, 'maybe ok'

So, he comes upstairs, and says 'this too small' (meaning a post we have at the top of the stairs) I ask him 'are you sure? because I just sawed off an inch of it and there's 29" clearance now'
He says, 'too small' and stalks down the stairs. I called after him that I would saw another 1" off it, and that it would only take me 2 minutes. So, I'm doing that and he's bringing my fridge off the delivery truck across the street. By the time he gets to my door, I'm done. He comes up to the door and measures again, and tells me 'door frame too small'


So, at this time (4 minutes after they arrived) he's complaining to me that they are on a schedule and he can't wait around. I tell him 'I have an electic screwdriver, I only have to take 6 screws out of the door frame (it's a molding that was put in for wind protection), it'll take one minute and he starts cursing under his breath!

My husband walks around the corner at this point and starts being rude back to this guy.

Suffice it to say, he took my fridge back to the truck and drove off, mumbling that he's not supposed to wait around. (I agree, but it was his fault! There was clearance on the door, he wanted more!!! I was trying to do what he wanted me to do)

Anyway, I called the Brick and lodged a complaint against him.
Seriously, I could understand if the clearance was only 28" for a 28" fridge, but there is 29.5" clearance (1 1/2" more than the item) for him. There was no reason for his behaviour/attitude upon walking into my home.

Rant over.

They're sending someone different tomorrow to bring me my fridge.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Fridge

Was online looking for a new fridge all evening (yesterday), and all morning (today).
Found one that was the right size (28" wide MAX or it'd never fit up my narrow staircase). Called The Brick to be sure it was in stock. Went there. It wasn't in stock. So, haggled with the guy who told me it was in stock and got a great discount on another fridge (a better one). They'll deliver it tomorrow.



Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm so mad!

I went out to the kitchen a couple hours ago to get a snack, and there was a huge puddle under the fridge.


I open the freezer, and everything is mush! The freezer is thawing and dripping and there was over $200 worth of stuff in there, and everything is mush! Grab a garbage bag and toss everything!

Go through the fridge, things don't seem as cold as they should be. But not too bad, yet. So we put some stuff in our FIL's fridge. He asked us if we wanted to put our freezer stuff in his as well, but I told him everything thawed out. And if you refreeze it, you're just asking to get sick.

So, tomorrow we have to go and buy a new fridge. And then we have to go grocery shopping to replace all that was lost today.

I'm so mad.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I got my hair done!

The day before Chinese new Year (last year - so over a year and a half ago), I went and had my hair 'Japanese Straightened'. I loved it! Take a shower, jump out, comb it and your done. No fussing with blow dryers, or curlers, or straightners, or nothing! But my hair has grown quite a bit, and was crying out to me to "do it again".

Suffice it to say, today i spent the day in a little Chinese Hair Salon, getting my hair straightened again by a very nice lady. It's quite a long process (My appt started at 10 am and I left the salon at 2:45 pm).
They start by putting a processing solution on your hair, and combing your hair straight. Then you get to sit there for an hour to an hour and a half with your hair combed straight, full of solution with plastic wrap wrapped around your head.
Then they wash that out, blow dry your hair, and using a straighening iron, they straighten your hair.
The lady who did my hair was quite busy, so asked me if I could wait a few minutes before the next part...
So I sat there, reading and knitting.
Then she trimmed and styled my hair.
Then she put another solution on my head, and again I sat there for an hour.
Then she washed that out and again blow dried my hair using a round brush while drying it to smooth it.

I'm not allowed to wash or wet my hair for 4 days (uggggg....) and no pony tails or clips or scrunchies for a couple weeks! (ugggg.....)

But, it looks fantastic!!!! (at least i think so!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Here!!

My 'Irrestible Gifts to Knit' by Alan Dart is here!!!

OMG, that was super fast! I thought for sure it'd be weeks and weeks before I got it.
Now I have 4 more things to add to my knitting adgenda (Easter Eggs - mama hen and 2 chicks / Lorelei mermaid / barnacle bill the pirate / harry hedgehog)


I can't wait until my 7 SK magazines come in that I bought off ebay. They'll probably take a month though... :(

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alan Dart and Simply Knitting

Call me crazy, but I'm in a collection mood for knitting toy patterns. And the creations I collecting are "Alan Dart"

I purchased his book "Irrestible Knits to Gift" and a one year subscription to "Simply Knitting" from the UK in GBP (double the amount of the Canadian dollar). But I said to my husband, I really want them.... and he said, 'so, buy them!'... hehehe... god I love that guy! hehehe

I've also been on ebay. And purchased a lot of 4 back issues of SK magazines from one seller, and a lot of 7 back issues of SK magazines from another seller! hehehe! (again, there from the UK, but considering the price is $17.99 plus tax EACH here in the world's biggest bookstore, I made a great deal!!! It works out to be about $8.80 per magazine (including the shipping!) hehehe

But, I'm going to stop now... I promise! Cross my heart!

ok, gotta go, and check ebay for some back issues.... see you later!
(just joking, I think) lol!