Sunday, September 21, 2008

Internet access

I have a home network that has been up and running fine except that it is 'unsecured'.

I use a T42 laptop, my youngest daughter uses a T40 laptop, and my husband & son share the PC.

When I set up our home network, I did not make it 'secure' as I couldn't figure it out (it kept resetting the router, thus logging me out, and then I would be unable to access the internet unless I 'undid' the changes I had made.

Anyway, after seeing internet hijackers (my neighbours) sucking up my internet service, I decided to 'secure' my internet anyway I could.

It ended up that I had to enlist the help of Trendnet. They have a 24/7 tech support line. So, at 12:10 this afternoon, Juno helped me make my network secure. The laptop that I used (T42) is the only one that can access the internet though the wireless connection though!!!! The other two can only connect when wired to the router. Even though one has a wireless card and the other had a wireless USB thingy.

So, I've been trying to call back all afternoon. I've been on hold for up to 40 minutes, then got an incompetent support person, who ended up advising me that she'd have to call me back after she spoke with someone regarding how to help me with my issue after having me on hold for another 20 minutes.

Anyway, I told her it was ok, and that I'd just call back. So, I called back an hour later, and got HER again. lol.... Anyway, I told her that if she couldn't help me, that I'd just call back and hope someone else picked up.

So, anyways I'm now talking to some guy. I'm trying to explain what's going on.... hopefully he knows how to help me though cause I'm getting p*ssed off! Really all I care about is getting the other two computers up and running wirelessly!

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