Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alan Dart and Simply Knitting

Call me crazy, but I'm in a collection mood for knitting toy patterns. And the creations I collecting are "Alan Dart"

I purchased his book "Irrestible Knits to Gift" and a one year subscription to "Simply Knitting" from the UK in GBP (double the amount of the Canadian dollar). But I said to my husband, I really want them.... and he said, 'so, buy them!'... hehehe... god I love that guy! hehehe

I've also been on ebay. And purchased a lot of 4 back issues of SK magazines from one seller, and a lot of 7 back issues of SK magazines from another seller! hehehe! (again, there from the UK, but considering the price is $17.99 plus tax EACH here in the world's biggest bookstore, I made a great deal!!! It works out to be about $8.80 per magazine (including the shipping!) hehehe

But, I'm going to stop now... I promise! Cross my heart!

ok, gotta go, and check ebay for some back issues.... see you later!
(just joking, I think) lol!

1 comment:

JL said...

Buying of knitting magazine is just addictive as knitting them.

I m there !! and still is !!

I love to buy SK too, but not all issue, sometimes is of the free gift......LOL