Thursday, September 11, 2008

I got my hair done!

The day before Chinese new Year (last year - so over a year and a half ago), I went and had my hair 'Japanese Straightened'. I loved it! Take a shower, jump out, comb it and your done. No fussing with blow dryers, or curlers, or straightners, or nothing! But my hair has grown quite a bit, and was crying out to me to "do it again".

Suffice it to say, today i spent the day in a little Chinese Hair Salon, getting my hair straightened again by a very nice lady. It's quite a long process (My appt started at 10 am and I left the salon at 2:45 pm).
They start by putting a processing solution on your hair, and combing your hair straight. Then you get to sit there for an hour to an hour and a half with your hair combed straight, full of solution with plastic wrap wrapped around your head.
Then they wash that out, blow dry your hair, and using a straighening iron, they straighten your hair.
The lady who did my hair was quite busy, so asked me if I could wait a few minutes before the next part...
So I sat there, reading and knitting.
Then she trimmed and styled my hair.
Then she put another solution on my head, and again I sat there for an hour.
Then she washed that out and again blow dried my hair using a round brush while drying it to smooth it.

I'm not allowed to wash or wet my hair for 4 days (uggggg....) and no pony tails or clips or scrunchies for a couple weeks! (ugggg.....)

But, it looks fantastic!!!! (at least i think so!)

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