Friday, September 25, 2009

New Fridge

Yep, one year after getting a new fridge, I had to get another fridge.

Thank goodness that I called the Brick to complain about my 'freezer' fridge when I did, cause the fridge was completely shot! The first we noticed was that all our fruits & vegetables were frozen solid. Have you ever tried to eat a frozen pear? Not a good idea.

But the beers! OMG, were they ever cold and slushy.... it would have been fantastic if we only needed to keep beer cold, but alas, I do need food to survive in this life... thus I called for service.

I ended up getting 5 different technicians over the span of a month. Each one promised me that they had fixed the problem, so hubby went shopping to replace the frozen food each time, but to no avail... within hours the new fruits & vegetables would be solidly frozen as well....

can you imagine a fridge so cold that your salad dressing on the door is frozen solid? that a 2L carton of OJ freezes in 2 hours? a 4L jug of milk froze in 5 hours!! my beringers wine was slushy in 3 hours! WINE!!!

and here's the best part..... over $600 worth of food in the garbage over the course of a month.... the warrantee company advised me to fill out a food loss claim, and then they reject it because I did not have an extended warranty with them!!! WTF did they advise me to fill out the fucken claim form then????/ a$$holes!

Can you tell I was pi$$ed about this entire fridge fiasco?

Well, thank goodness I caught it in time, as my warrantee expired on sept 17. Anyway, the Brick gave me the complete cost of the old fridge as a credit towards a new fridge. Nice of them, eh?

Oh yeah, the problem with the old one? Broken thermostat... it was working in hyperdrive... the fridge was actually colder than the freezer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday plans cancelled. :(

I had plans for the day, but they've had to be cancelled due to my youngest waking up not feeling well. First, she just complained of a headache. So, after a bowl of cereal, I gave her an advil. Then she went and barfed. And 20 minutes later barfed again.... so, after laying on the couch looking like crap, I called my friend and cancelled on her. I hate to do it, but there's nothing I can do.

Hubby has a friend coming over later to watch football, so I'm assuming we're going to be banished to the upstairs bedroom to watch Disney... hopefully baby girl can nap later and get herself better... She's in the bathroom again, I hope she's not barfing again.... poor baby.

I'm going to try to finish the sleeves on the grapevine today. Might as well, since I'm now stuck here with sick baby girl (who is 10 btw).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

blah, blah, blah....

Well, almost one month into the new job and things are going really well, albeit a little boring at times. But, what can you do? Type in Microsoft Word to post to your blog, says I, so here it is...

Knitting wise, I’m almost ready to start working the heels on the 2AAT socks I’m doing for my husbands birthday. Which is very soon, I may add. Like in 16 days! Eeeks!

And my Le Lapin Noir is almost at the argyle part. Can’t wait…. Only 2 more inches of ribbing to do (I'm on the decreasing portion) and then it should start getting fun… but I guess it was my fault that it’s taking so long… I did decide to work the rib in the round for the Front and the Back all at once…. That’s 160 for the Front and 144 for the Back in k1, p1 ribbing….. egads… that’s a hell of a lot of ribbing! Also, I’m going to do the argyle in heathered gray… it’s a green/gray… very nice… I hope the white doesn’t stand out to much… hmmm, I’ll just have to play it by ear and see how that goes. I'm trying to put the argyle chart into Excel, but it's kind of a weird chart... so I might just improvise it (a bit)

What else am I working on?? Oh yeah, the grapevine… cardigan… yeah, that…
Well, umm… I’ve joined the shoulder seams and it’s now a vest… just waiting for me to finish the sleeve caps and attach them… really, I’ve only got 2-4” on each sleeve to go, so I’m not sure why I don’t just do it already! Then I have to pick up for the neck and I’m finished with a FO to my name instead of something I’ve been working on for a year and a half… OMG, I said it… 1 ½ years!!! Poor grapevine. I’ll finish you, I promise… Just not today (or tomorrow either)

Oh, did I mention that I seriously want to cast on and try 2AAT fingerless gloves… but I’ve only done toe up socks in the 2AAT method, and I can’t figure out how to start the gloves… They’ll be cuff down so I really just have to get off my ass and find a 2AAT cuff down magic loop pattern and follow the instructions changing the st count to match my gloves, right? Yeah, next week.

Can you believe the summer is over? It was never bloody well here, if you ask me.. our weather has been cold and windy and rainy and tornadoes and monsoon raining storms and cold and windy…. And the temperatures are horrid…. And now it’s September and although Autumn doesn’t officially start until the 21st, it seems that we never had a summer.