Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday plans cancelled. :(

I had plans for the day, but they've had to be cancelled due to my youngest waking up not feeling well. First, she just complained of a headache. So, after a bowl of cereal, I gave her an advil. Then she went and barfed. And 20 minutes later barfed again.... so, after laying on the couch looking like crap, I called my friend and cancelled on her. I hate to do it, but there's nothing I can do.

Hubby has a friend coming over later to watch football, so I'm assuming we're going to be banished to the upstairs bedroom to watch Disney... hopefully baby girl can nap later and get herself better... She's in the bathroom again, I hope she's not barfing again.... poor baby.

I'm going to try to finish the sleeves on the grapevine today. Might as well, since I'm now stuck here with sick baby girl (who is 10 btw).

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