Thursday, May 29, 2008

Painting - Part 1 almost done

OMG, what did I get myself into?

Well, part 1 of this massive paint job is almost complete!
I started on the 3rd floor and worked my way down to the ground floor, painting the top portion of the walls, the chair-rail, and the bannisters (3 of them!)

The chair-rails will be redone in white, but they were dark bright yellow, so I thought I'd 'lighten' them so the white will work on them... :)

The ground floor has 15' walls! You can see the coat hooks - they're almost at the 6' level! Anyways, I've got 2 ladders, a 6' ladder and a 4' ladder.... And, there was an area that I was unable to cut in as I couldn't reach, so I ended up just stretching... using the roller with an extension on it. Up on the very top step (allowed) and stretching..... a little scary, to be honest, but you do what you have to do!

And me up on near the top of the 6' ladder down on the 1st floor:
And here's a better picture of the 1st floor:

Here's a shot of the 2nd floor (this is the opposite view of the image I posted in my last thread):

Well, I've just got one area left to finish..... going to go do it now....
And tomorrow, I'm doing ceilings! Then when they're done, I'll do the bottom portion of the walls. Then to finish, I'll do the baseboards and the chair-rails.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, I finally started with the hallway painting in this old junkbox of a house! (It was built a hundred years ago, and is a pain in the a$$ to paint, especially since I had to do MAJOR repairs to )

I'm doing three floors of hallway, two staircases and a 30 foot ceiling (in the main entrance, there is an area that goes straight up the height of the house [what were they thinking?])

I'm doing white baseboards, ceiling and chairrails. I'm doing 'rice paper' on the top portion of the walls above the chairrail. I'm doing 'Egyptian Papyrus' on the bottom portion below the chairrail. (Earthtones)
(The chairrail runs through all the hallways!)

I'm hoping that when I'm done, it won't be too dark for my liking...

Right now, the top is 'moonlight' (soft light powdery yellow), and the bottom is 'sunspot' (bright, dark yellow.

here is a pic of the 2nd floor hallway (notice the electrical outlet & piping outside the walls? WTF!!!)

2nd floor hallway

Wish me luck.... I'll post some pics as I'm done!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bedroom Makeover

Ok, so I mentioned that I was going to re-do my 10 year old son's bedroom. Well, I'm almost done. Except for re-arranging his room to accomidate the drum set we're buying him for his birthday next Friday.....

So, he shared this room with his younger sister, A from when they were really young.... the room was painted 'mystical green' and 'sunspot yellow' trim/ceiling. Remember, they were like 4 & 6 when the paint job was done :)

So, anyway, last spring, my oldest daughter, M, moved out. So we ended up fixing up her room for my youngest daughter, A. We re-painted it (needed 6 coats of primer to cover all the markings on the wall (lipstick, pen, marker, etc), and bought her a 'new' bedroom set.

So, here is a picture of S's room a month ago....


So, my 2 youngest kids, S and A had a bunkbed in their shared room..... Since S no longer needed a bunkbed cluttering his room, so we sold it and bought a 'new' bed frame for him. I proceeded to sand, prime and paint it from this:

to this:


(Please click on the pics, (especially the first one of the completed makeover)as for some reason, they get cut off when i post them here.

Well? Anyone care to comment?


OMG, I cannot believe that it is May13th already!

I've been so busy the past couple months. It's been unbelievable.

First, my company (that I worked for) closed. On February 15th, my boss told me that we'd received an offer on our space, and it was only good if we could be out by the end of February! he then asked me if I was still willing to help him out by clearing out the office. He meant selling everything off! So, craigslist & kijiji helped me out quite a bit, and I sold $100,000 worth of office (furniture, equipment, supplies) within 2 weeks. He had offered me 4 weeks as a bonus for sticking around and helping out. Well, guess what? The 'bonus' was not paid out as I had assumed it would be (I thought they'd just pay me normally for the following month), instead, it was lumped all together along with my vacation owing, and taxed at the unheard of (for me) rate of 48%. I felt so cheated. I still do.

So, I've been job searching, going on interviews, etc.... and still nothing yet.

Also, we've had some huge problems with our home. We have to get our roofs (there are 4 of them) fixed, and our chimney was falling apart.

And I'm almost finished S's bedroom makeover.

I'm tired.