Wednesday, March 17, 2010

100th project on Ravelry!

I'm about to cast on my 100th project this weekend on Ravelry!

I've decided to let the majority vote rule my 100th project. I set up a listing of the shawls I plan on doing this year in the shawls forum (linky) and will go by whatever is chosen.


Kids are off on March break and I'm at work. uggg... so, I decided (late, I know - but better late than never) that I would take tomorrow and Friday off. :)

These past 2 weeks have been tough at work. We did a major office shuffle, where I ended up moving (with my group) to the other end of the office. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had ordered enough packing boxes, but they only ordered 30 for 10 people, and I needed 25 just for all the files that my department has. So, I ended up filling 5 moving boxes to the brim, and lugging them down the hallway, then emptying them just to bring them back to fill them again... it took me 5 hours to move my 4 - 5 drawer filing cabinet contents in this manner. Then I had to get everything organized again for my department. ugg... the only good thing was that the next day I was complaining that my back and my hands were killing me, so one of the office assistants gave me a certificate for a pedicure at a spa near the office. So, I went over my lunch and got my feet some lavish attention :) Ahhhh, I love my feet being rubbed and pampered.

So anyway.... tomorrow hubby and I are packing up the kids and driving an hour away to go and look at mattresses. Why? Because my $3,000 Sealy Perfect Sleeper has a 3.5inch deep dip in it where our body impressions are, and it's no longer possible to get a good nights sleep. And Sleep Country will not honor their warrantee with us because their delivery guys bent the bed in half to get it up our stairs, and when they did that, they bent the bottom framing wire. And, because I didn't realize the damage done until a year later when one of their guys came in to measure the body impressions and mentioned there was a 'dip' in the foot of the mattress - the warrentee is void. So, we are driving to a little mattress shop outside of Toronto to do our buying... and I'm telling everyone I know about my defective king size bed that cost over $3,000 and didn't even last 1 year. After mattress shopping, we're going out for lunch. Not sure where, but we are! :) Anyway, hopefully we can pick something out tomorrow cause I wake up every morning feeling like I'm 85... full of aches and pains and still sorely tired.

My father-in-law finished his physiotherapy this week. Now he just needs to get himself more active and figure out what he's going to do for the next 15 years of his life (hoping he has that much time). He is constantly complaining that he is bored. But, he is still off-balance and it's hard for him to go for walks by himself because he is scared he might fall down. He has gotten back to about 80% of where he was before he had the stroke in November. But, because he has calcium growth on his spine at his neck, he cannot turn his head very well. This in turn is probably the major factor in his dizzyness.

Eldest daughter is moving into a basement apartment! She's finally getting out of the little one room she's been renting (and hating) for the past year and taking over my mother-in-law's basement. It will be great for Eldest Daughter and great for MIL as well. They will both help each other out hugely - one monetary wise, the other with a more homey atmosphere to live in.