Friday, May 7, 2010


Yesterday I decided to go and get my hair trimmed. It was to a place I had been to before, so thought ‘Lucy’ would again be able to perform to my high standards. I went in and we spoke for a couple minutes. I told her that I wanted a bare trim of the actual length, but that I wanted long layers for the thickness at the back. I also told her NO bangs (my hair was pretty much all one length) but that the sides were a little too long and I wanted them trimmed into a {here I used my hand and showed her what I wanted because I don’t know the term for it – I started cutting the air, from below chin level down to bewb level} and she nodded and knew what I wanted.

So, she’s cutting away…. And the phone rings so she stops and answers it…. Then comes back and continues cutting…. Every 5 minutes or so, she had to stop to answer the phone! (about 6 times total). Each time she came back, she went to a different area than she had been before she was interrupted.

Oh, and she scratched my cheek with the scissors at one point, and poked me in the eye with the end of the comb at another point!

Anyways, towards the end of the cut, when she was doing the front/sides, I stopped her and told her that I wasn’t liking what she was doing to the front/side area. She was doing a shaggy almost straight across cut just below my chin, instead of doing a slant so it falls softly from below my chin down. I literally took the comb off the counter and combed out the side and showed her (using the comb) where/how it should be shaped (almost straight down - kind of slanted though). She ended up going way shorter than I wanted to compensate for the "straight across” portion of the cut.

When she ‘finally’ got the right side done (not to my satisfaction, but I wanted her to stop cutting), she went onto the left side, and proceeded to cut it straight across again! I stopped her right away and said to her “what are you doing??? It’s supposed to be slanted (from nose to bewb slope, not straight across from lip to ear). So. She started cutting again… and now… her hands are shaking….

So I touched her arm, and told her we were done. She was just fucking it up more, in my opinion anyways. So, this weekend, I’m going to try to fix my hair myself. Uggg… fucken hair dressers…. I fucken hate them all.