Thursday, January 20, 2011

can't fix it!!

hmmmm, for some reason I can't edit my side bar anymore. Where my wips show.... what the hell happened, and how do i fix it! A few of those things are done, and a few more have been started. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm also working on Juneberry. I originally got the magazine specifically for this pattern, but the pattern was condensed too much (considering this is an advanced knit), and it was too difficult to understand what to do on Chart B. Thus, the Ravelry Juneberry pattern came my way via a RAK. I've just started chart D, and hope to finish that tonight. :)

Damask is also started, and it's a beautiful shawl! Plus, I just received Batic in a RAK!! lol.

Winter Lillies

Winter Lillies close up
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Been working on a few projects over the past little while. One I really enjoyed doing was the Winter Lillies for a very good friend of mine, Shannon. I finished the short row shaping and the bind off, but ripped it back to the lace section because it seemed too small. (totally my fault, i thought i could change the short row shaping from 5 sts after the wrap to 3 sts, not realizing this would make the top border shorter. I was just trying to get the back to have a tiny bit more depth) Oh well.

So, now I've just finished working on the short row shaping again, and this time I did it as the pattern is written. But, I went up 2 needle sizes when I did the cast off.