Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Hedgehog

Well, I think I mentioned that my eldest daughter came over for my youngest daughters birthday, and confiscated the knitted toys I had just done. Since the hedgehogs had already been taken by my son, I thought it only fair to redo them.

So, here is the baby hedgehog (#2).

Tomorrow, I'm hoping it'll be hot and sunny and I'll be spending the afternoon at the pool with my 2 younger kids. I'll work on mama hedgehog then. :)

My baby is now 9

Yesterday was my baby's birthday. She turned 9. I can't believe she's 9 already!
(She's doing 'air guitar' to DragonForce 'Through the Fire and the Flames' song)

The weather was terrible, though. Rainy on and off all day long, it ruined our swimming pool plans. And her friend, who was supposed to come over for a sleepover, didn't come because she wasn't feeling well.

But my Mother came over, and I helped her to do a dpn cast on for one of the lace beauties on the kunststrik site. She's doing a small one - the Spiralen. She's on row 10 already!

And my eldest daughter came over after work. Saw the hedgehogs and the bumblebee I knitted and confiscated them to the deepest darkest reaches of her purse (hehehe).
So, I told my son (who had originally claimed the hedgehogs), that I would re do them for him, since he was so sweet as to give them up to his older sister. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jean Greenhowe Knitted Toys

I joined another Knit-Along on KnittingHelp for July knit toys.
So, I chose to do Mama & Baby Hedgehogs.

Here they are!

Friday, July 11, 2008


I've joined a KnitAlong on for 'Egeblad and other stunning lace beauties'!!!!

Pattern is here..

It is an absolutely beautiful pattern with a swirling flower in the center and concentric, slightly offset radiating leaves. I'm knitting this one with Cotton Fleece in Peridot on size 4.5 needles.

Well, like I mentioned, I've just begun it.

Here it is on dpn's at about row 9...

and on circulars up to the 27th row...

Edited to add: up to row 35

Edited to add: up to row 56

Will continue to post as I progress.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Growing Up sweater fix (pt 2)

Ok, so I put in a lifeline (a circular needle) on the last knit row before the k1p1 ribbing started.
Then I snipped the yarn and tried to frog it. DUH, why won't it frog? Is it because I'm ripping (trying to anyways) backwards? Every stitch turns into a knot at the top of the stitch!

So, it took me almost 2 hours, but I 'frogged' it using my crotchet hook and pulling each stitch. uggg.

So, the waist is going to get 2-6 new rows of knit, then 8 rows of k1,p1 ribbing.
I have the same yarn, just hoping the sweater isn't to faded and the new isn't toooooo noticable.

Wish me luck, I'm doing this all in one piece now!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Growing Up sweater fix

Ok, I'm going to do this. (I really hope I don't ruin it!)

I found some of the original wool and got my circular needles ready... all I need to do is to start frogging it. (previous post asked suggestions for putting some new life into this sweater - the waist ribbing is to be redone!)

These are the before pictures....

The front of the sweater:

The back of the sweater:

One sleeve:

The other sleeve:

and I'll post 'after' pics as I 'ruin' it...

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Well, I've been so busy with home renovations, that I really haven't had time for anything else.

About 2 months ago, we called in a roofing company to come and fix 3 of our roofs that were leaking, and they advised us that we should also fix the chimney as well. We decided that we might as well fix all the shingles on the house as well. And that we want to do siding on the sides of the front of our home.
The only problem with attaching the siding, was that the wall where the siding was to be attached had a huge amount of water damage (we found that out once we started breaking down the bottom portion of the wall). So we talked to the roofing company and decided that they would just break all the walls down, and reframe the front room of our home (the sunroom).

Well, it's been non-stop since then. One contractor would come to do the roofs. Then a couple days later another contractor came to do the framing, then a couple days later someone came and did the chimney, then someone came and did the shingles, then someone else came and did the siding and the soffits....

Now, all the work is done, except for a few minor touch ups that need to be addressed with the roofing company (ie: looking at the ceiling/wall in the sunroom, I can see sunlight! Hello, there should be NO outside light in my ceiling!!! This means there's a hole somewhere!). So far, they've sent someone back twice to address this issue. Both times the person said they fixed it, yet it's still there!

So anyway, this past week, my husband and our brother-in-law put in the drywall for the floor in the sunroom, and on Saturday, they are planning on putting in the drywall for the walls and the ceiling.... but we NEED this "hole in the ceiling" addressed first!!!

(Oh, we also had an electrician come in to rewire the sunroom and remove some old wiring!)

This image is when the walls and ceiling were torn down. The only thing left was the two corner beams, and the centre beam (and the roof that they had just fixed).

This image is when the walls were framed. The black is an insulation.

And this is all the siding finished!

Now, we are just waiting on the window people to come by (next week) to measure and make us 2 windows.