Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My son turned 12 this past weekend... First thing saturday morning, we popped his birth video in (no actual birth shots! just the minute after) and were amazed (even though we watch every year) at the changes in everyone in the video.

First of all, hubby looks all of 18 years old!!!! Even though he was 26, and my oldest was 6.5 when S was borne, and is absolutely hilarious! I wish I had this same tape for each of my girls.... it's such a great thing... :)

At one point, I was sitting back on a big comfy one seater chair, nursing S when my oldest came over and asked if she could sit too. So, I made room and she ended up falling asleep on me too .... so I'm sitting holding my newborne and stroking the hair off my oldest's forehead... the funny part is that I was sitting with my leg up over the arm of the chair, and somehow it ended up against the back of the chair when M climbed up... so all you see is my foot sticking up out of nowhere... me smoothing my daughters hair back while she's sleeping, and a wrapped bundle in my other arm.....


Anyway, S had a great day. He went out and saw Wolverine at the theatre with his best buddy, and my mom and oldest daughter came over for dinner and cake. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Sick....

blah.... how can anyone admit that they have a cold when there is a pandemic going on? uggg.... but, I have a sore throat, and I feel blah... nothing else, just feel run down and my throat hurts.... hubby refuses to kiss me because he doesn't want to be sick... :) but he's the one who got me sick, imho... as just before the A1N1 came out (formerly known as Swine flu - and how the hell does that work, renaming a virus in the middle of a pandemic??) he had a very bad sinus infection... snotty, stuffy, sore throat and overall didn't feel well. Well, I'm not that bad, but I'm staying at home, knitting, sleeping, watching tv and movies, and sleeping... oh, did I already say that?

For the next week or so, I want to concentrate on two of the sweaters I've been working on... my Grapevine Cardigan, and my Cable Luxe tunic. Oh, and I just have to put 3 babies together.... :)