Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Sick....

blah.... how can anyone admit that they have a cold when there is a pandemic going on? uggg.... but, I have a sore throat, and I feel blah... nothing else, just feel run down and my throat hurts.... hubby refuses to kiss me because he doesn't want to be sick... :) but he's the one who got me sick, imho... as just before the A1N1 came out (formerly known as Swine flu - and how the hell does that work, renaming a virus in the middle of a pandemic??) he had a very bad sinus infection... snotty, stuffy, sore throat and overall didn't feel well. Well, I'm not that bad, but I'm staying at home, knitting, sleeping, watching tv and movies, and sleeping... oh, did I already say that?

For the next week or so, I want to concentrate on two of the sweaters I've been working on... my Grapevine Cardigan, and my Cable Luxe tunic. Oh, and I just have to put 3 babies together.... :)


Jackie said...

Aww...i know the feeling sucks !! Hope you are feeling better now.

wishing you a Happy Mother's Day...enjoys !!

Magenta Moon said...

you got the piggy flu ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! jkjk get better!! and kiss your man when he's sleeping, let him get some germs to! Wait now that I think of it it's better if he doesnt get sick cos then like all men he will turn into a big baby and act like he's gonna die from a sniffle.. Men! pfft! teehee