Friday, December 12, 2008

No time

Lately it seems that time is running way faster than it ever has.

Birthdays come faster.... special occasions speed by.... weekends are gone before they are even started.

WTF is with this?

I just want time to run '1 mississippi', '2 mississippi', '3 mississippi' as it's supposed to.

Anyway.... Happy Holidays.... Merry Christmas.... Happy Birthday..... Happy Easter.... oh look, summer's almost here (well, it certainly will be the way time seems to be flying by)


Friday, December 5, 2008

December (for the 2nd time)

I'm so upset. I was 20 minutes into a fantastic post when I lost it. Where the heck did it go, you ask. I know not. I only know that it's been lost.

Sorry, it's late now and I'm no longer in the mood to rewrite all the ramblings that were going through my head almost an hour ago. Hmmmm.... what was I writing about....

The Alan Dart "Yuletide Gnomes" that I've been knitting.... day and night.... to and from work on the ttc.... on my lunch in the food court..... in the early morning after my shower while I sip hot coffee.... (I'm making 3 of them.... they are almost all knitted up, they just need to be assembled and given life [wicked chuckle inserted here would work well] :)

I've also knitted up a set of fingerless gloves for my youngest daughter....and am going to try to work on M's bolero .... but I'm having such a hard time with the mohair I'm using, I'm seriously considering starting afresh with another yarn... something easier to work with.... hmmmmmmmm..... (pondering this....)

Anyway.... work,,,.... not really happy. I don't know why. Could be because I'm just a contract worker and punching the clock.... I hate the time sheets....

Question: working an 8 hour day.... are you entitled to 2 - 15 minute paid breaks or not?

Anyway..... I miss having benefits... both kids were sick and medicine cost a fortune... also, oldest daughter has an eye infection, and I can't even absorb her medical bills because I don't have insurance!

uggg.. happy december.