Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, I finally started with the hallway painting in this old junkbox of a house! (It was built a hundred years ago, and is a pain in the a$$ to paint, especially since I had to do MAJOR repairs to )

I'm doing three floors of hallway, two staircases and a 30 foot ceiling (in the main entrance, there is an area that goes straight up the height of the house [what were they thinking?])

I'm doing white baseboards, ceiling and chairrails. I'm doing 'rice paper' on the top portion of the walls above the chairrail. I'm doing 'Egyptian Papyrus' on the bottom portion below the chairrail. (Earthtones)
(The chairrail runs through all the hallways!)

I'm hoping that when I'm done, it won't be too dark for my liking...

Right now, the top is 'moonlight' (soft light powdery yellow), and the bottom is 'sunspot' (bright, dark yellow.

here is a pic of the 2nd floor hallway (notice the electrical outlet & piping outside the walls? WTF!!!)

2nd floor hallway

Wish me luck.... I'll post some pics as I'm done!

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