Friday, September 25, 2009

New Fridge

Yep, one year after getting a new fridge, I had to get another fridge.

Thank goodness that I called the Brick to complain about my 'freezer' fridge when I did, cause the fridge was completely shot! The first we noticed was that all our fruits & vegetables were frozen solid. Have you ever tried to eat a frozen pear? Not a good idea.

But the beers! OMG, were they ever cold and slushy.... it would have been fantastic if we only needed to keep beer cold, but alas, I do need food to survive in this life... thus I called for service.

I ended up getting 5 different technicians over the span of a month. Each one promised me that they had fixed the problem, so hubby went shopping to replace the frozen food each time, but to no avail... within hours the new fruits & vegetables would be solidly frozen as well....

can you imagine a fridge so cold that your salad dressing on the door is frozen solid? that a 2L carton of OJ freezes in 2 hours? a 4L jug of milk froze in 5 hours!! my beringers wine was slushy in 3 hours! WINE!!!

and here's the best part..... over $600 worth of food in the garbage over the course of a month.... the warrantee company advised me to fill out a food loss claim, and then they reject it because I did not have an extended warranty with them!!! WTF did they advise me to fill out the fucken claim form then????/ a$$holes!

Can you tell I was pi$$ed about this entire fridge fiasco?

Well, thank goodness I caught it in time, as my warrantee expired on sept 17. Anyway, the Brick gave me the complete cost of the old fridge as a credit towards a new fridge. Nice of them, eh?

Oh yeah, the problem with the old one? Broken thermostat... it was working in hyperdrive... the fridge was actually colder than the freezer.

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