Friday, October 2, 2009


Been in the office for an hour and have only had one email to respond to…. None of my three managers are in, and I’m not sure if any of them are even coming in today…. One has an offsite meeting all day, and the other two had a golf day planned although they had cancelled it on Wednesday due to the weather forecast (but they had the option to rebook with no penalty) so I’m not sure if they ended up rebooking or not… all I know is nobody is here (that I work directly for) and I’ve got nothing to do as I’m very efficient and have everything done that I had to do.
So, what do you end up doing when there’s nothing to do? I can’t knit at my desk, or I would. I can only surf a bit, as there is a ‘policy’ in regards to unauthorized internet usage, and I’m not sure if the IT department monitors it (we’re a fairly small company). There’s not even anyone else here that I could do something for! Arggggg……..

So, I’m typing in Word. Fun wow! Hmmmmm… Let’s blog…

I’ve just finished working on a couple calimetry’s as holiday knitting. And just started a matching calimetry & neckwarmer set for my DDs birthday in a week. She is turning 19. And plans on spending the weekend getting bombed…. I’ve warned her to try to have a buddy with her who will not get bombed so she has someone to look after her, but she just scoffs at me. And I worry. What can you do though? She is an independent soul…. She works 6 days a week, lives on her own and is responsible for herself. I can just advise her and hope she plays safely…. and hope….. and hope….. and hope some more.

Back to knitting…. This weekend I plan on finishing my grapevine – all that’s left is seaming up the sleeves, sewing them in, and then picking up and knitting the 8 or 10 rows of the collar. Easy peesy…. So why isn’t it done yet??

And Hubby’s cowboy socks…. I ended up not liking how the ribbing fit his ankle/calf… isn’t ribbing supposed to be elastic? Well, suffice it to say, I wasn’t happy with how loose it seemed, so I’m going to ladder down a couple of the rib rows and purl 2 together (in the purl ribbing sections), and then I’ll rework only one of the purl stitchs coming back up…. Not sure if that will help or if it’ll just be saggy, but I have to finish these for hubby soon before he thinks I don’t love him as I’m doing other things instead of his things… and this is only the 2nd project I’ve ever done for him in all the time we’ve been together (I knitted him a ‘curious George monkey when we first started dating…. But lost interest in knitting for a few years after that, and then was unable to knit due to injury to my hand) Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that I should finish his socks…

Guess what? It’s 10 o’clock. Time for my break. Bye!

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Dreams of Yarn said...

So how did you like the calioremtries? (sp) I have wanted to try that one but havent yet gotten there.