Saturday, September 20, 2008


My fridge was finally delivered on Friday afternoon. The two guys who came were super nice, and even took my old fridge away for me (for $20).

So, about an hour after tehy leave, I plug in my new fridge, and it's making this weird clunking noise. After speaking to my husband about it, we think it might just be from being jossled (sp) and leave it hoping it'll get better.

After dinner, I notice it's getting worse, so I pull the fridge out and take the little plastic cover off the bottom at the back where the compresser and the fans systems are. Guess what? The 'nut' is missing on the fan blade and it's making this scraping/clunking noise.

So, I go searching for a 'nut' to screw onto the bolt where the fan is. Find a couple and come back and fixed my fridge myself! :)

Now I'm wondering.... how did the nut come off? Was it done purposely by the first guys who came to deliver on wednesday and who ended up leaving with my fridge, or was it just a fluke that the nut was missing from such an important piece of the fridge? Seriously, in testing, this would NEVER have been overlooked.

I guess I'll never know.

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