Thursday, March 6, 2008


Not sure if there is- anyone out there who is interested, but I've started knitting again after a break of about a year.

I started with a 'Jean Greenhowe' toy for my youngest daughter. It was the Topsey Turvey 4 in 1 doll. It took me about a year to completely make it including all the accessories (the skirt hides the other dolls head, and the bonnet hides the 2nd face on each head) How cool is that?

Topsey Turvey doll
Topsey Turvey doll
Topsey Turvey doll

Then I finished a 'blackberry' hat that I was making for myself in a double strand of green yarn.
Then I did a beautiful scarf to match the hat.

Blackberry Beret

Then I gave it away to my eldest daughter. :o) (I'm just hoping that it gets used!)

I'm now creating some beautiful baby sets - just finished a sweater, hat and bootie set for my first niece who is due in a couple weeks!

And a good friend is due April 1, and I'm making her a sweater with a hood, booties, mitts and blanket set! The only problem is that the pattern has mistakes in it, and it is not a complete pattern..... (It's one of those that you need to do all the calculations for yourself before you can start knitting it!)

Anyway, I'll post some pictures here soon.

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MonkeyKnits said...

That is the wildest toy I've ever seen! Lot's of little details, huh? I'm amazed at the amount of time you must have put into it... One question, though: Is the doll holding a bottle of beer?!? :)