Saturday, June 26, 2010

G20 protest

Unbelievable that this is happening in my neighbourhood. That I'm a prisoner in my own home because it's too dangerous to go out. There are thousands of people outside - and the sad part is that it's only a small portion of those people who are not there for valid reasons... but to cause fear and make trouble. Who the hell are these Black Bloc trouble-makers? They're not protesting anything. They just want to cause trouble. Damage property. Hurt others.

I wish the police would grab this a$$holes and break some heads. These Black Bloc's are not citizens here. They should be charged and thrown into a jail - what message is this sending to the leaders that are meeting this weekend? None.

The news just stated that tear-gas has been used. People are hurt. Peaceful protesters are turning back so that they are no longer a part of the same crowd as the Black Bloc.... who are trashing windows, throwing mailboxes into the roads to block the streetcar tracks, throwing objects at police....

G20 damage

Police car set on fire at king / bay streets, burning out of control with no sign of anyone coming to put it out.

I can say that it will not be a nice/happy walk into work on monday... passing all these business' that have now been damaged by these trouble-makers.

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