Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My youngest baby turned 11 today.

I remember her birth so clearly... out of 3 babies, she was the only one who broke my water to start the labour process... 10:30 at night, and it felt like I'd pee'd my pants... and couldn't stop dribbling... ;)

I told my hubby (although at that time we weren't married yet, but had been together for 5 years) that I thought it was 'time'. 10 long hours later, and there she was... my littlest... my last... my reese pee... when she was borne, she was perfect! the reddest, cupid bow lips.... dark (because it was wet) curly hair, huge dark blue eyes... that looked right at me when she was put on my tummy....

hubby was having difficulties with my camera, so I had taken it from him and recorded her entrance into the world (only her, mind you)

Today, she is swimming in 6 mile lake, 3 hours away from me... and although she called me and I sang to her and told her how much I loved and missed her, DAMN it's hard to be away from her... she's my baby... she should be here.... blowing out her candles....

We (hubby and I) had actually told her she couldn't go up to the cottage with her bestest friend from kindergarden.... but she really wanted to go... and she got mostly ALL A's in her report card, so we finally caved in and allowed her to go away for a week, even though we would miss her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Annaliese baby girl. I love you. Be safe, play safe, but have fun - which I know you are having.

love mommy

Happy Birthday, baby

ps... she is 1 day old, and was just meeting her 2 year old brother (who was wearing an "I'm the big brother" t-shirt...), her oldest sister (who was 9.5, was off getting mommy a glass of milk


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Dreams of Yarn said...

WOW, you guys are such cool parents to let her go up even though you are missing her for her birthday. I dont know if I could do it. I'm selfish :P But honestly, you have always been one of the most level headed mommas I know.