Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I left work at 11:30 for lunch. Went down to the foodcourt, grabbed some chinese noodles and spicy shrimp, went out and sat at the Cloud parkette for 40 minutes.

Went back to work, wondering why Yonge Street was SOOO crowded. Got to where my building is and the police were directing traffic because the lights were out.

Went into my building and it's dark... and the elevators are all open, but dark...

Went to the conceriege and asked what happened. Security advised me that there was a power outage! So, I grabbed my cell, and called up to our receptionist. She told me that it was dark up there, and that they were waiting to hear back from the president about closing for the day. I asked her if I should walk up the stairs, and she told me not to bother, to go home!

So, I'm now at home... 1:41 in the afternoon... going to finish that 198 yards of heaven that I frogged back yesterday.

Have a great day!

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