Saturday, November 13, 2010

Factory Fresh (again?)

“Laptop issues again?” hubby asks as he walks by me.
“yeah babe, some Admin restrictions. Having an issue installing software or viewing images”
I’m on the phone on hold with HP service. It’s been about 25 minutes. I’m getting cranky so I hang up. No sense being cranky with some young kid who happens to get my help desk call.

I go to the HP website and go to the Customer Service chat help. This seems to go faster and in no time there is Kalam typing a “Hello, how can I help you?”

I type that my hard drive died a month or so ago and HP replaced it and reinstalled everything, but did more after the factory fresh and changed/updated some settings because I was getting Administrator access only error messages. So, he advises that I make a ‘new account’, transfer all my files to the new account, and then delete the old account. At this point, I ask if it would be better for me to just do a System Recovery and go to Factory Fresh after backing up my stuff. “No, no, no… not necessary. Lets make new account first.”

So, 80 minutes later, a new account is made and my files are copied over to this new “Lynn”. I go ahead and deleted the “Admin” account. Then I go and try to install jzip (the program that started all this Admin crap) and still get the same error pop up box about Administrator permissions and to contact my Administrator. I AM THE FUCKEN ADMINISTRATOR!!!! It’s a home laptop. There is only ME!!!

I back up the 3 files that I’ve added since my last back up, restart, and go to System Recovery. “Are you sure?” pops up. “Yes, Factory Fresh this time, please” I speak back to my laptop, hoping against hope that I don’t end up throwing this piece of lemon out the window.

Well, 40 minutes later, I’m Factory Fresh and getting all my files back in order. The first one I install is the jzip. No problem at all now.

Thanks for a serious waste of my afternoon HP.

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