Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two Weeks Notice

I'm working on a one year contract, assisting 2 Vice Presidents in a very large company, taking over for a Maternity leave. I started in October, so I'm 6 months into it.

There is another lady who was hired as well to cover a Maternity leave last April. She could not pull her weight looking after the 3 Reps she was hired for, and so they had to hire again to cover one of the Reps. Anyway, everyone of the other assistants in the office was happy that her year long contract was supposed to be up this month when the fulltimer comes back, as she's quite difficult to get along with.

But, guess what? My boss called me in on Monday to advise me that they were going to cut my contract short! He told me it had nothing to do with me, that they were very happy with my work and everything, but that once the maternity leave returns, there will be too many girls and not enough work. So, I'm done.

Unbelievable, I'm so pissed. Why are they keeping the other contract who has problems with all the girls?? It's because she is a kiss-ass to two of the Reps and for some reason they are completely blind to her antics.


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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh.. i hate that.. it is so frustrating when someone who is obnoxius gets to stay cause they are a kiss up and the one that works their butt off doesn't get recognized.. grrr !!! karola