Tuesday, April 28, 2009

School - accepted.

My son has been accepted at the alternative school near me. What a huge weight that was, worrying about where he was going to go... worrying about this when I have enough on my plate to worry about. Anyway.... he's got a school to go to, and I'm quite happy about it. He went on a 'student shadowing', and said it looked interesting, and that everyone seemed nice, and that it was much more 'hands on' and the students were treated with alot more one-on-one. They have a swimming program also, so he's quite happy about that as well. :)


Dreams of Yarn said...

how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS !!!!!! I'm so very glad for you. GREAT GREAT news!

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I'm so glad that this worked out for your! congrats! Karola