Sunday, October 5, 2008

uggg - hit by a car.

So, I'm on my way to work on Friday morning. I'm sitting on the streetcar, listening to my mp3 player. Glance at my watch, it's 8:04 am. Stand up to get off the streetcar at University. Decide to walk down to Adelaide as I'm almost half an hour early. Get to the back doors. Glance back at the cars, and notice one quite a ways away. The doors open and I step down. I take one step off the streetcar and BAM!

A car crashes into me! I go flying onto the hood (but without my feet leaving the ground), and realizing that the car is still going, I pivot my body off the hood and back towards the streetcar.

The car stops and the lady is just looking at us (about 6-8 people had gotten off).

I'm shaking, and my leg is throbbing where it connected with the bumper, and my arm is throbbing where it connected with the hood. I'm looking at the lady behind the wheel, thinking 'you are such a stupid $@%&*', didn't you see the streetcar??

I step away from the streetcar and the car and walk to the sidewalk... shaking.... others are asking me if I'm ok... I'm really not sure.... I'm shaking... I'm not crying, but my eyes are watery..... I lean against a newspaper box and it's not sturdy to hold my weight, so I move over and lean against a larger yellow newspaper box. I'm leaning on it, shaking, and the ttc driver is there asking me if I'm ok. Asking me if he should call an ambulance.

I look at him and tell him I have to go to work, I can't go to the hospital. Then I see the look on his face, and I add that I don't think I'm badly hurt. There is one man and one lady that got off the streetcar and are still standing with me, watching over me. The driver that hit me gets out of her car and comes towards me and starts apoliguising to me. I look away. The watery eyes are threatening to overflow... I'm shaking... The ttc driver tells me he's called the police and the ttc inspector. And asks me if I can wait around for a few minutes. He asks me if I want to come and sit in the streetcar. I'm shaking so badly that I don't know if I can walk, so instead I tell him that I'd prefer to stand and stay where I am for a few minutes.

Anyway, since there was an accident, the streetcar is not allowed to move until the inspector can come and make sure that the driver was stopped correctly at the stop, so suddenly there was a lineup of 3 streetcars there.... people sitting on the streetcar, patiently waiting to for it to go again... finally the driver tells them it won't be going anywhere for a while as there was an accident.

People off the street complaining about the streetcar not going anywhere. One girl asked me if I knew what happened. I said 'yeah, someone got hit by a car stepping off the streetcar'.... she was like, 'wow, did you see it?'.... I just smiled and turned my head away.

The lady who hit me is from a small town in quebec. She didn't know she was supposed to stop when a streetcar stops and so had sped up to get around it. When the police came, I was asked what happened, and after telling them, the ttc inspector drove me to work. I think the lady was charged with reckless driving and failure to stop for a ttc vehicle.

I went into work and apoliguised for being 15 minutes late. (I'm a contract worker, so I'm punching a timeclock, if not, I probably would have gone to the hospital). I'm replacing a girl who's going on maternity leave - her last day is this upcoming friday. So I vaguely told her that a car hit me when I stepped off the streetcar, but I downplayed that I was hurt.

Why do I always do that? Even when I called my husband and told him what happened, I downplayed it so it wouldn't worry him.

Anyways, my arm is killing me. I've been icing it and taking advil. The lower forearm is all bruised, but it's my upper arm that hurts the most. It's not broken, but damn, it hurts. And my neck hurts and my lower back. Uggg... I must have pulled something when I pivoted off the car.

ANYWAYs, it could have been much, much worse... so I'm thankful that I'm ok.

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Musseblomman said...

Wow.. You are lucky that didn´t have to go to hospital. Hope you feel much better now..