Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday, and I haven't knit a stitch yet!

It's been a long, tiring weekend to say the least.

Saturday i woke up at 4AM barfing and diarreha. Yeck! Lasted about 8 hours. couldn't eat a bite either, and any liquids i drank came right out again via one end or the other. o.O

Today I had to get up early as I had a MRI scheduled at 7:30 for my knee. Uggg, those machines are weird! What the hell is with the noises it makes????
(Why did i go for an MRI)
I slipped in the bathroom about 3 weeks ago and twisted my knee, hurt my hip and my lower back. Since I've been having issues with my knee lately, my doctor wanted to make sure i didn't seriously damage anything in there.

I finished quite a few projects since last on here! lol

is going very well. I'm very busy, working for 3 managers, a Program Director and a Director - plus any of their staff that needs assistance.

Hubby is doing very well in his new Career! He's happy and enjoying the work.
M moved into her own apartment and is still doing a lot of travelling with her job.
S isn't doing that well in school
A is doing well in school

Right now I've been watching the first 2 episodes of Game of Thrones season 2 on the movie network, can't wait for tonight for ep3!!!!

Well, I better go and finish my laundry. ♥

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