Friday, November 27, 2009

Terrible week

Thank goodness this week is over. What a horrendous week its' been.

First, I had eye surgery on monday afternoon to remove a cyst from my upper eyelid. It was about half a cm big and hard like a pebble. Talk about excruciating pain... OMG! He stuck a needle in my eyelid, and it felt like my eye was going to explode. I even told him that! He said it wasn't, it was just freezing... then he proceeded to torture me with an eye clamp... it felt like a cold metal clamp sinking it's claws into my eye... I'm telling him... 'it hurts' and he's telling me 'yes, this is the only part you will feel' ... WTF!!!! what was that freakin needle for?? Why am i not frozen.

Anyway, I lay there for 10-15 minutes with my hands clamped so tightly against the pain of the clamp that they ached for 12 hours afterwards, while he flipped my upper eyelid and cut the cyst out.

So, when all was done, I called hubby and he came and got me. I was completely off balance due to bandages on the right eye. Holy crap... I never realized that you really do need both eyes for balance!

Anyway, came home and was in so much pain I took 3 extra strength tylenols and went to sleep for an hour. Hubby brought dinner home and we ate. Then I went to bed.

When I got up, I undressed the bandages from my eye. What a bloody mess. There were 6 layers of packing gauze and they were filled to the brim with blood. And my eye was still bleeding, seeping from each corner... uggg...

Anyway, I had taken the tuesday off to recouperate, and I stayed on the couch all day watching a LOTR marathon and dozing...

Back to work on wednesday. Still bleeding, and headachy, and in alot of pain.

Thursday morning my hubby calls me at work and tells me he thinks his Father is having a stroke. I tell him to call our family doctor and tell him the symptoms, and he is then told to bring 'nonno' to emergency.

Well, he was just brought to a room this evening! 30 hours in a bed in the emergency ward after suffering a stroke - his left side is paralyzed! His speech is impaired! He's scared and the hospital takes 30 hours to get him a bed...

Anyway.... going to visit him tomorrow with the kids. I pray he gets well soon.

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