Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Lots of projects getting done.... baby gifts including a hat, bib and booty set, an optical illusion blanket, a dress and a little blankey buddy for a friend who is due in september.... my KAL sweater finally done.... socks for Annaliese's birthday...

time being spent with the kids this summer has been nice... they are in tae kwon doe training and have their first testing on friday to go from white to yellow belt... and guess what I just learned? that testing has a fee, above and beyond the fee that was paid for getting them in class... yep... and the worst part, was that it was never mentioned prior to receiving the testing forms... and they test every 3 months... I'm really not happy about this extra expense, but what can you do?? it will make the cost of their class double over the course of a year... unbelievable!

and I've been (finally) working on my grapevine cardigan... having a few issues with the pattern instructions... but the members of ravelry are super fantastic in helping out with any issues other members have... and I'm hoping to finish this soon. :)

My 6th year anniversary is this weekend... planning on going to the mandarin for dinner with the family and then.... :)

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