Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Improvements

Unemployeed and hanging around the house, so I've been doing a few improvements (again).

Our stairs (we have 2 staircases coming up to our main level, and one going up to the 3rd floor) are in atrocious shape... they are scuffed and scruffy and after getting our floors done last year, they look even worse, so I went and primed and painted the lower ones coming up to our main living area! And I must say that they look pretty darn good now! (Next set due for painting tomorrow)

Next, I'm going to tackle the kitchen floor. I started it last year - primed the old crappy linolium tiles and then started painting the floor with black floor paint... but the paint was too shiny, and holds dirt and footprints like mad, so I only did along one wall (under the appliances) and never finished. So, next week I'm going to re-prime it, and then paint it with the same paint that I just did the stairs with.

I also have to paint the front inner door, and one piece of drywall that we put up in our 'mudroom' area of the entranceway.

I must say, my place looks fantastic compared with 2 years ago!
The BEFORE image:

and the AFTERimage:

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