Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm back.

I can't believe it's the end of February, and I haven't visited here in ages! Shame... shame.

Well, what have I been doing lately? I've been working, and homemaking, and cooking, and cleaning, and knitting. Especially knitting. :)

I've especially become an avid KIPer... I knit on the streetcar on my way to work. I knit in the foodcourt during my 30 minute lunch. I knit on the streetcar on the way home from work.

I've got projects up the wazoo.... hehehe
(which reminds me to update my sidebar)

For Christmas, I knitted each of my children an Alan Dart Yuletide Gnome. They were an instant hit! I also knit up fingerless mitts for each of my girls, and a couple tudora neckwarmers for my sisters.

I've got 2 sweaters on the go for myself right now (yes, I'm still working on my Grapevine) and the other one is a Knit-a-long from Lion Brand. I also started a sweater jacket, but it's on hold until I get pattern corrections from the designer. I'm also working on a cabled purse for myself, and I taught myself to cable without a cable needle! Visited YouTube quite a bit for that, watched a few different methods and choose the one that worked for me.

And then I told Annaliese to choose something ("anything at all", I told her) from my pattern books for her birthday. This way I would have lots of time to complete it. She choose Alan Darts' 'Poppy' Eyebright and her babies from the Brambly Hedge collection. I must admit that she has become the KIP work as the pattern (althought there are numerous pieces) is mostly knit/purl/increases/decreases. Perfect for KIP.

Melissa moved into her own little rented room and I gave her an open invitation to come by for dinner after work. She's taken me up on it and comes by 2 or 3 times a week - which I'm very happy about. She'll usually decide after I've told her the menu, though! :)

Well, that's enought for this first post back. I'll be back more often, I promise.

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